Meet the top 10 richest person in India

Meet the top 10 richest person in India
ealth does not remain static especially during the fluctuating industry scenario today. India has produced several billionaires who occupy a significant number of slots on the list of wealthiest persons in the world today. Here is the list of the top 10 richest persons in India as per their latest real time Forbes data on 11 October 2021.

1. Mukesh Ambani - $102 billion
印度最富有的人,靠近依赖行业的Mukesh Ambani占据了世界上最富有的人名单的第十个插槽。Mukesh Ambani的净值为1020亿美元。Mukesh的财富大部分来自他的父亲Dhirubhai Ambani⁠----他自己的商业图标建造的石油化学和石油和天然气业务,但是Mukesrayapp3雷竞技官网APPh正在枢转到更多的面向电信和零售等企业。Reliance Jio是今天印度最大的电信网络之一,并且有最近几个月已经筹集了超过20亿美元和the next leg of fundraisingwill be for retail

2. Gautam Adani - $71.7 billion
根据最新的福布斯记录的净值为717亿美元。他是第二个 richest person in India和ranks 15 on the list of the world’s richest. Apart from Mundra Port, the largest in India, his wealth-generating portfolios include a range of commodities, power generation including renewable energy (like solar farms), and transmission to name a few.

3. Shiv Nadar - 315亿美元
With his $31.5 billion estimated net worth, Shiv Nadar ranks as the third richest person in India. HCL Technologies founded by him is a (₹) 274826 crore (market value) company and one of the largest software services exporters in the world today. With its presence in over 45 countries on the globe, HCL Technologies makes Shiv Nadar claim the 41th slot in the list of world’s richest persons.

4. Radhakishan Damani&Family - 221亿美元
Radhakishan Damani’s net worth of $22.1 billion, which makes him the fourth richest person in India today. He occupies the 101 position in the global rich list. Radhakishan Damani is a veteran Mumbai stock market investor who founded超市链DMART这是2017年公开的,最终继续成为世界上最有价值的零售连锁店,为其独特的型号,使控股公司大道超级制造商比其许多同龄人更有利可图。

5. Savitri Jindal和Family - 186亿美元
Standing at the 106th position in the world and the richest woman in India is Savitri Jindal, the 70-year-old chair of a multibillion dollar conglomerate, who's worth $18.6 billion. India's women billionaires also include the heads of pharmaceutical, software, and consumer goods companies.

6. Cyrus Poonawalla - 182亿美元
作为印度的第6个富裕人士排名,Cyrus Poonawalla净值为182亿美元。他于1966年创立了印度血清研究所,今天是麻疹,流感和脊髓灰质炎最大的疫苗生产商。目前,该公司还也为Covid-19共同开发了两种疫苗,并有一个significant lead over other similar researches that are underway。在世界上最富有的人名单中,他排名第110位。

7. Lakshmi Mittal - $ 17.6 billion

ArcelorMittal的主席兼首席执行官Sunil Mittal净值为176亿美元,是印度最富有的人。他的财富状况在世界上最富有的人名单上的115位占据了他。他众所周知,将病态钢铁生产公司转变为全球有利可图的企业。最近他最近在印度汇集了印度的破产Essar钢铁,由Ruia家族拥有。

8. Kumar Birla - $16.1 billion
Standing at the 131th position in the world’s richest persons’ list, Kumar Birla has a net worth of $16.1 billion, which makes him the Eighth wealthiest person in India. The head of Aditya Birla Group which he inherits for the fourth generation in row, his group is concerned with producing cement and aluminum alongside retail, telecom and financial services.

9. Uday Kotak - $16.1 billion
Kotak Mahindra Bank,Uday Kotak的创始人占据印度最富有的第五位。Kotak在世界上最富有的人名单上持有161亿美元的净值。

10. Dilip Shanghvi - 144亿美元
The tenth richest person in India is Dilip Shanghvi whose latest net worth is $14.4 billion. The founder of Sun Pharma, Dilip Shanghvi has turned his firm into the largest player in the manufacturing of specialty generic drugs. He has also invested in energy and oil ventures. On the world’s richest persons’ list, he ranks in the 146th position.

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